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About Us


About CuppaaCoffee

In the heart of our vibrant community, the journey of Cuppaacoffee began with a passion for crafting memorable coffee experiences. Inspired by the rich tapestry of global coffee culture, I set out to create a space that went beyond the ordinary—a haven where every cup told a story.
The adventure started with a deep dive into the world of coffee, exploring brewing techniques, tasting exotic beans, and learning the artistry of the perfect pour. Armed with newfound knowledge and a vision, the search for the ideal location commenced.
As the sun set on Cuppaacoffee's first day, the realization dawned that this was not just my journey—it was a shared experience with every customer, barista, and friend who walked through the doors. Cuppaacoffee was a testament to the idea that a simple cup of coffee could create a tapestry of connections, turning a dream into a thriving reality. And so, the story of Cuppaacoffee unfolded, one sip at a time, weaving its way into the fabric of our community's daily life.
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Friendly service, wide selection and great coffee!

Jonas Villadsen , Ajman

CuppaaCoffee is the best cafe latte in town, not to mention the ambience and friendly owners and staff...

Monal Singh , Dubai

Just a short note to say how much I love your coffee! I can now safely say you are my new go-to for beans...

Muhammad Sheikh , Dubai
Join us for a sip of perfection, a moment of respite, and an opportunity to be part of a community that shares the love for coffee.